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Take some time to read my introduction if you haven’t, which you can find by clicking here or navigating the footer. I just wanted to drop my first post here to get some content going on the site in case anybody is actually taking a look, although I’m sure it will take some time to attract readers if I end up doing so at all.

Just to add a bit about me personally that I didn’t include in my introduction. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but I am now living in Shenzhen, China. I was always an avid reader and I used to write some fiction in my youth, nothing that withstood the test of time however.

I’ve been complimented on my writing throughout my life and since I’ve always enjoyed doing so, this is basically my motivation to begin writing.

There are a lot of things that bother me when browsing the internet. For example, I’ve always thought that when I’m working researching a solution to a technical problem, that a lot of writers or sites don’t really cover all the bases. There’s usually an assumed level of skill, so a solution might start at step 5 instead of at step 1. Or how about when you find somebody asking the exact same question, then see them reply that they figured it out, without actually providing the solution? This is just one of the things I hope to address based on my personal experiences.

I did say in the introduction that I’d try not to get too convoluted, however, I’m going to give a breakdown of topic categories that I’ve pre-created for a glimpse the things I may be writing about.

  • Amazon
    • Amazon News
    • Selling Techniques
  • China
    • Lifestyle
  • Personal
  • General
  • Technology
  • Fiction
  • Cryptocurrency

I’m going to go ahead and give a small breakdown of the ideology behind each category and why I’ve decided to write on these particular topics. Keep in mind that these topics can increase or decrease over time.

Amazon: I’ve worked on Amazon for about a decade now and I’ve also written on this topic in the past. I currently continue to do business on Amazon and as such, at times, I may write about news or selling strategies related to the marketplace.

China: As stated previously, I’m currently living in Shenzhen, China. This category will be informational about some Chinese culture, but potentially also about any interesting lifestyle stories.

Personal: Per the tagline of the site, this site is really just an outlet for me to write. I’ll be happy with the site whether or not I attract readers, although I’d obviously prefer having readers. Some days I might just choose to write about on an experience or discussion I’ve had that I find interesting enough to write about.

General: This will sort of be the “meta” category, such as this post.

Technology: Like I stated above, sometimes through my work I may seek solutions online and find them unsatisfactory, but through continually slamming my head at the problem, I may end up writing a guide of sorts to help others who may run into the same issues as I have.

Fiction: This category is a bit in the air. I haven’t written fiction for a very long time, although it has always interested me. It may end up to be short stories or a slow release of chapters from a larger story.

Cryptocurrency: I hate to be “on the bandwagon”, but I have delved into the world of cryptocurrency. My understanding of the concepts are pretty basic, but do plan to continue to educate myself on not just cryptocurrency projects, but blockchain technology. I also feel like a lot of the current cryptocurrency communities just aren’t objective about the projects they support. The Reddit cryptocurrency subreddits are a very good example of what I mean.

My livelihood is relatively carefree. I’ve got my e-commerce business and some of the contract work that I do from time to time. Since this site is new to me, you may see a flurry of posts coming out in a relatively short time, especially as I continue to work on the site and delve further into how I want to explore the topics I listed above. Sometimes you might see me leaving little notes for myself in my writing, because the reality is I usually love going back and reading things I’ve written.

I’m relatively new to the idea of writing publically, so if anybody has any comments or tips, feel free to drop them in the comments. I’ll also eventually add a contact form for the same purposes. If you’d like to support my writing, there will eventually be some options in the footer and probably a larger page with more options. Thanks to everybody who has read this far and hopefully I can keep your attention!

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