Fan Bingbing’s Reappearance in Media Just Typical Fake Tabloid News

Fan Bingbing’s disappearance from the public eye was all the craze just last month. Making the news again is now related to the fact that she is involved in multiple cases over the use of her image in marketing materials.

According to media sources, 99 cases appear on the Beijing Municipal People’s Higher Court website which are related to the unlicensed use of her portraits. This has been independently verified although at time of writing 100 cases appear in the search results.

Beijing Municipal High People's Court Results on Fan Bingbing

The defendants range from eyeglass wear companies, real estate agents, and hospitals.

These cases are being used by tabloid media to point out the fact that Fan may be struggling financially due to the back taxes she was recently ordered to pay, which equate to about $129m US dollars. Some netizens on Chinese social media sites are taking this opportunity to ridicule Fan, although like most online commentary, she has supporters defending her rights to protect her interests.

However, after independently reviewing the cases, this is much more exaggerated tabloid news making the rounds and attracting netizen commentary. The 100 cases found on the Beijing Court’s website clearly show that Fan has been protecting the rights to her image as early as August 2015, long before her tax troubles.

The cases clearly show this is a longstanding and consistent practice by Fan or whoever she has hired to protect use of her image instead of a desperate attempt to score some cash. As always, skepticism is a healthy tool in finding the truth.

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