About Me

I am a Los Angeles native of Chinese ancestry now living in Shenzhen, China.

Some may recognize the name I’ve used for this site as I’ve used it as an online alias for many years. Leonox is a name I thought of that combined my Western and Chinese zodiac signs, Leo and Ox. I created this alias at a time when I felt my Western upbringing had begin to intertwine with my Chinese heritage and my ancestry had become of great interest to me. Maybe one day I will decide to reveal my true identity, but for the time being I will continue going by this alias.

Although I have been paid to ghost write articles that have gone on to be published or cited in large publications, I do not consider myself a professional writer. I haven’t decided whether or not I am going to focus on a particular topic here as there are plenty of topics that grasp my attention, however I will do my best to make sure it isn’t too convoluted.

For some insight to my background, I grew up relatively poor in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I excelled in school, but had a very hard time staying focused. Regardless, in the end, I had finished with high school by the summer after my sophomore year and had a stint in college. Due to my love of gaming in my youth I also grew a love for computers and soon everything technical.

You’ll find that a lot of the topics I write about will relate to some of the things I’ve already stated in this introduction. In parallel, you will also see that I am not formally educated in any sense as to the topics I write about.

Regardless, I hope you like what you find.